Handmade by a Mama
with a modern twist to hand stamped jewelry

Shop Taking a Break

The shop is taking a break while our family makes a big life change moving out of state.

We appreciate your support and patience while our family of 6 takes on moving from Las Vegas to Austin.

Updates on our move and journey will be posted to our FB VIP group and IG. Make sure to follow our us there, thank you!

-Christina and family

Hello and welcome to our shop!

My name is Christina and I am the Mama behind the scenes. We are a family of 6 with 3 boys and one girl. Our boys are 8, 6, and 3. Our baby girl is turning one this Summer!

Our second oldest was diagnosed with Autism at age 3 and is such an au-some little guy! 

Most days you can find me either juggling the chaos of home life for our family or working on your orders. 

The shop started as a way to help fund our goal of creating Kindred, the app for Mamas. Everything is designed with Mamas in mind for comfort and everyday use. We carry handmade jewelry for you and your littles. 

I am so inspired by all of the women I have met on this journey so far. Thank you for supporting our family and vision for Kindred!