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Hello and welcome to our shop!

My name is Christina and I am the Mama behind the scenes. We have 3 boys, ages 4,3 and a newborn. Most days you can find me either juggling the chaos of home life for a family of 5 or working on your orders. 

The shop started as a way to help fund our goal of creating Kindred, the app for Mamas. Everything is designed with Mamas in mind for comfort and everyday use. We carry handmade and hand stamped jewelry along with apparel for you and your littles. 

I also strongly support giving back and we donate 10% of proceeds to women who suffer from PPD. As a mother who suffered from PPD with our oldest I believe it's something truly important to help other mamas with. 

I am so inspired by all of the women I have met on this journey so far. Thank you for supporting our family and vision for Kindred!